Our passion is the great outdoors.

Our calling is creating solutions for it.

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Our Vision.

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Our Origin

We are an innovation-driven startup that is focused on Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled products for the RV and transportation industries. We hail from a small city in the state of Indiana.


Our Journey

At Gäshawk, we recognize that the journey matters more than the destination. We create solutions with the aim to reduce negative impact on both the environment and the economy.

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Our Destination

We need your help to validate our latest Proof-of-Concept solution: Overwatch. We kindly request any connections to decision makers and those in charge of reducing risk for fleets or companies.

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Our Product.

Gäshawk Overwatch

Overwatch by Gäshawk

A LiDAR-based system for monitoring overhead objects nestled right on your dashboard.

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LiDAR Detection Technology

Touchscreen Display & Controls

Instant Audio Feedback

Reliability at High Speeds

Low Power Consumption

Customizable Display & Features

...and More Features Soon

Our Benefits.

Gäshawk hiking

Have Peace of Mind

when traveling to unfamiliar roads and new places

Gäshawk fishing

Save Time & Money

by preventing costly collisions and avoidable accidents

Gäshawk adventure

Improve Safety & Awareness

when navigating busy campgrounds and packed truck yards

Gäshawk motorcycle

Draw Support & Expertise

with 24/7 on-demand personal technical assistance

Gäshawk parachute

Take Flight & Soar

with us through your valued input on future product updates

Our Team.

Gäshawk Jason

Jason Matthews

Founder & CEO
Gäshawk CJ

CJ Owens

Co-Founder & COO
Gäshawk Steve

Steve Claucherty

Mechanical Engineer
Gäshawk Jio

Jio Buenviaje

Technical Advisor

Our Partners.


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